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SHARP Engineering is a professional organization specialized in providing complete solutions for all water-related problems in both Water Treatment and Water Handling. SHARP Engineering have had over a decade of experience in designing, execution of all types of Water Treatment Plants and Hydropneumatic Systems. SHARP Engineering is fully geared up to meet all the challenges that come its way in achieving their goal. We take pride in being a "hands on" company not only taking on new installations but also servicing all types of water treatment plants, Pharmaceutical and electronics high purity water systems, bottled water systems, industrial waste water pretreatment plants, managing new installations, installing and commissioning sea water desalination plants, hydro pneumatic systems, operating, testing, sampling for pilot plant studies and much more.
  • Wide range of products for industrial, Domestic and Institutions
  • Highly experienced Technical Team
  • Very prompt and Efficient Service back up.
  • Knowledge base in using the latest Technology.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and very efficiently designed and installed plants.

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